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Serving Hall, Hamilton, Howard & Merrick Counties

Crisis Center Services 

The Crisis Center offers services on a 24 hour basis.  To use these services simply call our 24 hour crisis hot line and request assistance. If this call is made during business hours our office staff will do whatever they can to help. If the call is made after hours or during the weekend, on call staff member will provide any help that they can. We also offer community education upon request for educational or professional purposes for a variety of topics.  Download brochure   General Information General Information (746 KB)

Safe Shelter

The Crisis Center operates two shelters. Both located in the Grand Island Area. These homes serve as emergency safe shelters. The shelters are used by persons who are in danger or when there is a threat of danger.  There is no charge to stay at the shelters. 

Emergency Transportation 

Procedures have been developed with law enforcement to transport survivors and their children to a law enforcement agency or hospital if the victim requests to leave a situation where there is a threat of danger. Once at the safe place the families are met by a staff member of the Crisis Center. 

Support Transportation 

When people have made initial contact with the Crisis Center they are provided with transportation via staff, taxi, or provided gas money if they have their own vehicle. This allows people to contact the necessary support agencies in the community. Monies for bus tickets can also be provided for persons needing to leave the local area, to attend court hearings, or to relocate to a safer environment on a case by case basis. 

Medical Assistance

The Crisis Center may help when medical needs arise. This usually includes filling of prescriptions and routine medical office visits. If available, medical insurance or Medicaid is billed for these services. The Third City Community Clinic is also used for this purpose. 

Legal Assistance

The Crisis Center will assist people in filling out protection and harassment orders. The Crisis Center will provide legal resources for temporary custody, a divorce or separation. 

Financial Assistance 

The Crisis center does under certain circumstances, help with rent disconnects, rental evictions, sundries, and other needs as they arise. 

Food and Clothing 

During the stay at the shelter, all of the food is provided. Clothing is available for those who are forced to leave their home quickly and were not able to pack any clothing. 

Child Care

When someone in the shelter is looking for housing, jobs, and keeping appointments with human service agencies, the Crisis Center may provide child care. Child care is also provided during support groups. 


To help someone develop a plan of change, they meet with an advocate to discuss goals, roadblocks, safety planning and services available in the community. 

Court Support

Volunteers and staff are available to provide support in court and during criminal and civil proceedings. 

Peer Support Groups 

To help those in a time of healing, the Crisis Center offers one weekly domestic violence support groups and a children's support group. For sexual assault survivors there are two incest and sexual assault groups. The Crisis Center also provides teen dating violence support groups in all three Grand Island middle schools. There is no fee for any of these groups and child care is free. 

Meetings Schedule 

Domestic Violence Support Group - Meets every Tuesday from 5:30-7:00 P.M. 

Children's Domestic Violence support group - Meets along with Domestic Violence support groups (Every Tuesday 5:30 to 7:00 P.M.) In Our Best Interest Educational Program - Meets every Tuesday from 5:30-7:00 P.M. 

Community Education 

We can address any or all of the following topics: 

Request a Presentation 

Batter Intervention Program 

The Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP) uses the Power and Control Curriculum, which is modeled from the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project in Duluth, Minnesota. This model explores eight themes, each of which is discussed over a three-week period. The curriculum is designed to challenge men to move from authoritarian relationships, which are maintained through the use of controlling and abusive tactics to relationships based on equality.   Download brochure Batterer's Intervention Program Batterer's Intervention Program (1007 KB)

Youth Services 

The Crisis Center offers support for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Even if children are not directly injured by domestic violence in the home, they are affected. It is our goal to support these survivors and educate all youth and parents on healthy relationships; ultimately, they will recognize the warning signs and get help early or offer help to friends and families should the need arise.Download brochure  Youth Services Youth Services (123 KB)

Children’s Group Service 

This group is designed to give children the opportunity to: Learn ways to express feelings honestly and directly. Be aware of differences and similarities in their families. Improve self-esteem. Understand how violence in the homes has affected them and much more. Download brochure   Children's Group Children's Group (1070 KB)