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We're Hiring!!! 

Job Title:  Assistant Executive Director
Positions Supervised: Advocates
Status: Full-time, hourly, non-exempt, 40 hours per week.
Hours:  Primary office hours will be between 8:00 am -4:00 pm but will vary for staff when on-call or other duties deem adjustments necessary. 

Primary Responsibilities:
The Assistant Executive Director is responsible for paying all project related bills, facilitating project employees’ payroll, assisting with the project grant proposal, completes the project quarterly grant reports, and supervision of project advocates.  When advocates are otherwise engaged, this position fills in as an advocate to immediately respond to the health and safety of sexual and domestic violence survivors.


How to apply:

Send resume to Alexis Larson at alarson@gicrisis.org . Applications can be picked up at 2251 N Webb Road, Grand Island. Call (308) 382-8250 for more information.

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